How we integrated SendHQ's waitlist form with Discord notifications and automated emails in 10 minutes using CampaignHQ & Zapier

Background:We recently launched SendHQ, a multi-channel customer communication platform. To kick things off, we introduced an exclusive early adopter offer for the first 1000 waitlist customers, providing a 50% lifetime discount on the platform. For those who paid $10, the discount soared to an incredible 90%.

SendHq is a multichannel customer communication management platform

Our Simple Requirements:We needed a waitlist form on SendHQ that captures the user's email address, adds it to a database with a unique waitlist number, and sends a notification to our Discord channel & sends a thank you email to user.

Our Solution:Enter CampaignHQ, a multi-channel marketing platform with API integration and Zapier compatibility.A flow diagram of how SendHQ integrated waitlist form with Discord notifications and automated emails in 10 minutes using CampaignHQ

  • Waitlist Form Integration:
    With CampaignHQ's API, we effortlessly integrated a waitlist form into SendHQ. Users submit their email addresses, which are added to a contact list along with their unique waitlist numbers.

    With a few lines of codes we were able to integrate the whole system seamlessly.
  • Discord Notifications:
    Leveraging Zapier integration, CampaignHQ notifies our Discord channel every time a user joins the waitlist.
  • Sending thank you email:
    We utilised CampaignHQ's Automation feature to automatically send a thank-you email to users. This email includes details like their waitlist number and payment links.SendHq is a multichannel customer communication management platform

CampaignHQ provide a simple and easy to use API to integrate with any application & also provide a ruby gem to make it more easy to integrate with any ruby on rails application. With CampaignHQ's ruby gem and Zapier integration, we were able to set up a waitlist system with Discord notifications and automated emails in just 10 minutes.

A code snippet displaying how to add a contact in a contact list in campaignhq using campaignhq ruby gem

Why CampaignHQ?

Having the appropriate tools is essential in this fast changing environment. Our automated email marketing platform, which we developed as forerunners in this revolutionary era, is prepared to support companies on their journey.

But how much CampaignHQ cost ?

CampaignHQ is very affordable and cost effective. The plan starts with as low as 5$ per month for connect plan(Integrate your AWS account and get no restriction on emails) and 7$ per month for regualr plan (use CampaignHQ email service at affordable price). Check out our pricing page for more details.

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