We are committed to building an affordable & easy to use marketing software

We don't believe in charging our customers a fortune that's why we chose to bootstrap our venture. This allows us to focus on building a great product which we can be proud of.

Our Story

CampaignHQ was founded in Feb 2023 by Ankit and Vishal. Our journey began when Ankit developed an email marketing software during his college days, eventually selling it to an US-based company. Both of us spent over 6 years working together in various startups, nurturing a shared dream of creating something of our own.

Passionate about product development, we decided to revisit Ankit's original idea and build an even better email marketing software from scratch along with other channels like WhatsApp, Push Notification, SMS etc. We are determined to serve our customers with the best product and support.

Avg. cost reduction for our clients
upto 70%
Avg. delivery rate acheived by our clients
CampaignHQ founders Ankit and Vishal in their first office

Our values

Passion for product development
We are passionate about building great products. We believe in the power of technology to solve problems.
Solve for customers
We believe if we solve problems for our customers, the profits will follow.
Provide great service
A business is only as good as the service it provides. We are committed to providing great service.

Meet our team

Things happen when you work with the right people. We are a team of passionate individuals who are committed to building a great product.

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